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Banister Guardrail Glasses

About the product; Glass railings and banisters both provide protection and add beauty to the outlook of buildings and contrary to the general view, glass railings are quite strong and durable architectural products. Accordingly, to the legislation of construction, in all glass products including the banister and railing which have a risk to fall, it is mandatory to use laminated glass. banister glasses with railing, for getting risk to fall in places used, are products to be careful in just design level. It is expected that they both visually do not contain mistakes and show high performance at the time of breakage. There should be no quality problems such as bubbles, delamination (distortion, separation), drilling (edge) quality problems, plate shifts, corner fractures, PVB cleaning along the edge that is often encountered on handrail glasses. Aksa uses Trosifol Ultraclear PVB, which provides high transparency and very strong adhesion in its standard products. It uses Special Hard PVB and SentryGlasXtra (SGX) for more difficult designs and projects that have a quilted effect at the time of breakage and are at risk of falling. Our supplier companies produce Laminated Guardrail Windows that will perform according to the purpose by keeping the edge processing and visual quality at the highest level with the latest technology machine park.

Technical Specifications:

Railing/banister glasses are safe and secure building elements with their strong and durable structures. Point holder rollers or aluminum glass holders may be preferred for railing glass systems. At this point, quality workmanship is very important for the glass to be compatible with the mounting components that it will be used with. The following drilling profiles are used for banister glasses, the light transmission levels of which can be customized according to preferences: After the tempering process, the impact strength of the glass has increased 5 times more than that of plain glass. According to TS EN 14179-1, conducting a heat soak test on tempered glass is a destructive test that eliminates the risk of unexpected explosions of tempered glass. After the semi-tempering process, the impact strength of the glass increases by 2 times compared to plain glass, and there are no unexpected breakage risks due to NIS.

  • On the balconies
  • On the Handrail Glasses
  • On the Glasses Around the Pool
  • On the Banister Glasses in Shopping Centers
  • On the Terrace Glasses

Facade Glazing

About the product: Facade glass, which is used in architecture to cover the outer surface of buildings, is used to filter and control solar light and heat, as well as heat and sound insulation. Coated glasses are mostly used in facade glasses, and they offer a modern look that adds value to the structures with the styles they reflect. Facade glasses are insulating units in which specially coated glasses are used that provide heat and solar control at the same time. According to the new architectural trends, there are different types of light transmission and sun protection features that meet different performance expectations. Facade glass manufacturers need to understand the needs of building companies, offer solutions, recommend the most appropriate combination of insulating glass for the purpose with technical information support that will save money. Aksa is not only a glass supplier but also a solution partner that can offer alternative glass that will provide ease of installation and increase energy savings in projects where it provides services with facade glass marketing and the ability to process qualified glass of the world's leading manufacturers. Our suppliers can produce maximum performance insulation units with two and three silver solar Low-E coated glasses. It can make the manufacturing process by all facade joinery systems. All manufactured facade glass is manufactured following TS EN 1279 standards.

Technical Specifications:

In modern architecture, silicone facade systems or transparent /spider facade systems are often included in the facade windows. In silicone facade systems, the glasses are glued together, screwed, and fixed by DIN 51376 and ISO 8339 standards with special structural silicone material to aluminum profiles integrated with bearing elements connected to the building. It is important to choose the glass suitable for the purpose and design to be used on silicone facades that are mounted using a U slat or applied by placing U-shaped mounting devices inside the outer sealing silicone material. Exterior tempered glass and interior laminated glass are mostly used for security purposes on silicone facades. In Spider facade systems, insulating tempered laminated glasses with rodding are connected to stainless point holders mounted on bearing steel structures. Silicone and spider facade systems can use specially coated glasses with a U value of up to 0.5 W / M2K, with a wide range of products that can be added to both heat and solar control at the same time, as well as acoustic insulation by preferences. Aksa, with the expertise provided by its experience, can temper and process II and III silver solar Low-E glasses. It produces high-quality facade glass that meets the EN standards and most precise feasibility requirements by applying all the techniques to ensure that the glasses it produces are compatible with other mounting elements in the facade system and are easy to install.

  • Towers
  • Plazas
  • Business Centers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Official Buildings
  • Hospitals, etc. It is used on the facades of exterior surfaces of structures.

Bulletproof Glass

About the product: Bulletproof glasses, thanks to their special intermediate materials and thickness, are upper-segment laminated glass units that, provide effective protection against armed attacks. Bulletproof glasses with superior security are special protection glass used for prevention and protection against armed attacks that can cause injuries and deaths, saving time to escape or call for help, if possible, at the time of an attack. It is possible to customize and produce the security levels of bullet-proof glasses produced by professional glass production teams using special materials in a way that can provide protection depending on the type of weapon/weapon to be used in possible attacks, the distance of the attack, the number of accurate bullets to be used in the attack, the duration of the attack.

Technical Specifications:

The precision and processing quality of the combination to be used in bulletproof glass’ manufactured according to EN 1063 standards should be at the highest level. The protection levels of bulletproof glasses are between BR1 and SG2 in terms of their lead decency. Bullet-proof glass products respond to your needs on a professional level safety and security with features, these features, as well as by our manufacturers thin, transparent and lightweight, can be produced in a form, and insulation can be added to the property, and a high level of light transmittance and better viewing quality. Aksa, with high-tech precision workmanship, offers the best glass product solutions with customizable glass types, thicknesses, and decompile combinations by the preferences and requirements for bulletproof glasses produced with meticulous and expert workmanship.

  • In Security and Defense Vehicles of Law Enforcement Agencies Glass
  • In Military Security and Defense Vehicles Glass
  • In Armored Money Transfer Vehicles of Banks Glass
  • In Military and Police Security Huts with Armor Glass
  • In the Windows and Glass of Jewelry Shops
  • In Public Organizations
  • Bulletproof glasses are used on the entrance-exit doors and windowpanes of embassies, consulates, and in all places and vehicles that require superior protection against possible armed attacks.

Roof Lights

About the product: Roof lights located horizontally on the roofs of structures provide solar and heat control while benefiting from daylight. To eliminate the risk of falling and damaging the glass in case of breakage when producing roof lights, the internal glass of the insulation units are manufactured laminated. In addition, external glass should be tempered against risks such as snow load, impact, thermal breakage. Our suppliers produce these products with various decompiles such as standard transparent PVB, SentryGlasXtra, Extra Strong PVB. Our products are manufactured by TS EN 1279, TS EN 12150, and TS EN 12543 standards and are tested in manufacturer's laboratories.

Technical Specifications:

Our suppliers, which provide isolation glass consisted of laminated glass and/or laminated with outside temper which provide both as in need temperature and sun control at the same time, covered glass and also interior glass for safe purpose, have produced roof light glasses , got down to 0,5 W/m2K with U value quality and get not to slide quality and with the expertise provided by his experience, it tempers and processes II and III silver solar low-e glass. Şişecam 41×27 Coolplus product, which Aksa uses for roof lights, is a high-performance product with a solar control feature in addition to thermal insulation. Our suppliers produce high quality roof light glasses that meet the EN standards and the most precise manufacturability requirements by applying all the techniques to ensure that the glasses produced are compatible with other components in the roof light installation system and are easy to install.

  • Skylight
  • Glass Eaves
  • Atrium Glass

Office Partition Glass

About the product: Tempered glass or laminated glass is used according to the size of the glass and the risk level of breakage in the preferred office partitions due to partition requirements, acoustic insulation needs or privacy requirements in the office spaces. Office partition glass' are safe glass products that add light and spaciousness to workspaces and offer order and integrity in terms of appearance. Aksa eliminates these problems with its state-of-the-art processing machines and temper furnaces and supplies smoothly processed glass to projects. Our products are manufactured in accordance with TSEN 12150 and TS EN 12543 standards and are tested in manufacturer's laboratories.

Technical Specifications:

Office partition glass can consist of one or more layers of glass; they can be used as tempered or laminated glass according to preference. Tempered glass' used as office partition glass that meet TS EN 12150 standards, meet safety requirements, minimize injuries that may occur as a result of glass breakage caused by human impact, while laminated glass eliminate the effect of bending as a result of breakage or, as it is also called, the effect of decaying glass due to PVB between them. The standard PVB which used in office partition glass is Trosifol Ultra Clear, which provides a high-quality viewing experience, and for increased security requests, it is possible to use Hard PVB or SentryGlasXtra (SGX). In cases where noise control is required, the acoustic insulation level can be up to 40 decibels (94.25%) by using Trosifol Acoustic PVB and it can provide maximum acoustic performance. Aksa, which also offers a personal space and privacy solution in the office with office partition glase', uses Trosifol colored PVB for decorative solutions. In addition to all these features, fire-resistant glass’ the EI30, EI60, EI90, EI120 classes supplied by Aksa can be preferred for fire escape corridor glazing in all locations as a fire protection measure. If the quality of the rodaj is not at a high level in the glass-to-glass combination in the partition glass's, it creates visual difficulties. In addition, if there is a problem with the diameter (diagonal difference) or general hump of the glass, it creates great difficulties in montage. Aksa offers qualified solutions that will make montage easier and hassle-free with high-quality drilling work

  • Glass Partition Walls in the Office
  • Panel Partitions
  • Glass Separators
  • Acoustic Partition Systems

Glass Stairs

About the product: Glass stairs make the space look more spacious and stylish than it is. Laminated glass are used in the construction of glass stairs to prevent falling when broken. Strength and preventing falling at the moment of breakage are the most important properties in the production of glass stairs.Aksa uses SentryGlasXtra (SGX) for the supply of tempered laminated step glass. Aksa is able to apply Thermal Bath Test (HST) before laminating to tempered glass to prevent spontaneous glass breakages. Our products are manufactured in accordance with TS EN 12543 standard and tested in manufacturer's laboratories.

Technical Specifications:

Aksa manufactures laminated glass steps consisting of at least 3 plates that meet safety and security requirements using SentryGlasXtra(SGX) interlayer. Created by mounting the stainless-steel construction, glass stair treads to avoid errors and problems in the installation of Aksa working with the most precise tolerances, smoothly, quality, and manufactures quality glass stair treads.

  • Hotels
  • Luxury Residences
  • Shopping Malls
  • Business Centers and Restaurants

Window Panes

About the product: Windowpanes are one of the elements that meet the needs such as lighting, thermal insulation, energy saving in residential buildings, adding value to structures. To ensure maximum comfort and savings, it is recommended that the window panes be with a heat-insulating low-e or solar low-e coating. Auxiliary raw materials used in the production of window panes (polyurethane, butyl, decoiler, intermediate profile) are very important for the insulation to provide perfect insulation throughout the service life of the insulation. Aksa, as Şişecam authorized insulating glass dealer, works with the highest quality material suppliers in the world.Our products are manufactured in accordance with TS EN 1279 standard and all tests specified in the standard are carried out in the manufacturer's laboratories. Aksa provides a 10-year warranty for the products it supplies.

Technical Specifications:

Aksa, which offers both heat and noise insulation solutions up to 40 decibels (94.25%) with a U value that can go down to 0.5 on window panes, makes untouched filler in the robotic insulating glass line, +/- 0.5 mm precision automatic machine batten bending. Axle, low-E, and solar low-E coated glass production line, according to standard TS en 1279 control and closing suitable for washing all required laboratory tests, controls, and can make measurements.

  • Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Official Buildings etc.

Glass Door

About the product:Glass doors, which provide ease of entry and exit to buildings, privacy, and security in everyday life, provide stylish and aesthetic solutions to spaces. In addition to the classic glass doors that do not carry any electronic components, automatic glass doors are also available. Glass doors are made of tempered glass against accidents caused by human impact. The dimensional accuracy and processing quality of the notches and holes drilled for the installation of hinges, locks, and handles are critical points in the production of Glass Doors. To prevent unexpected breakages caused by NiS and prevent the glass door from breaking for this reason during the lifetime of use, our manufacturers make their doors available after Heat Soak Testing. Aksa manufactures doors within the most precise tolerances with CNC machining and CNC Hole machines.Our products are manufactured by TS EN 12150 standard and tested in manufacturer's laboratories.

Technical Specifications:

In Aksa, in the glass door production process, due to the precision of the lock and hinge discharges of glass doors, the processing is carried out with a tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm at CNC machining centers. In addition, the tempering process is carried out according to TS EN 12150-1 and the strength of the glass is increased 5 times more than that of plain glass. After the tempering process, according to TS EN 14179-1, in line with demand, a Heat soak test is applied to eliminate the risk of unexpected breakage caused by NİS.

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Workplaces
  • Hospital, etc. it can be used at the entrance and exit of the building.

Non-Slip Glass Surface

About the product: Multi (triple or more) laminated glass should be used to prevent falling during breakage on non-sliding floor glass, also called walkway glass. To give it a non-slip property, a non-slip coating is applied to its surface. Different patterns can be applied according to customer demand. Aksa can make coating and pattern applications that will provide the desired level of non-slip according to the need. To prevent spontaneous breakages caused by NIS, our manufacturers can produce tempered laminated non-slip floor glass that has been Heat Tested (HST).Our products are manufactured by TS EN 12543 standard and tested in manufacturer's laboratories.

Technical Specifications:

Special coated non-slip floor glass produced by our suppliers with increased safety and security have anti-slip properties up to R13 according to DIN 51130 and class A, B, C according to DIN 51097. Aksa, which uses Hard PVB or SentryGlasXtra (SGX) as the decoiler layer for non-slip floor glass produced using tempered laminated glass, can perform Heat soak test with its high-tech equipped furnaces if requested.

  • Glass Bridges
  • Benches or Terraces with Glass Floors
  • All Areas with Glass Floors

Winter Garden Glasses

About the product: The winter garden concepts, designed to experience the comfort of the garden in winter, meet both comfort and insulation expectations. Winter gardens, supported by stationary and constant systems, serve to turn open spaces into closed spaces. It is convenient to use double-glazed windows with a Low-E coating to take advantage of the solar heat in winter and to ensure maximum thermal insulation.Colored/reflective glasses can be used for sun, light, and glare prevention if it is necessary. The overhead glass must be laminated for safety reasons.Our products are manufactured by TS EN 12150, TS EN 1279, and TS EN 12543 standards and are tested in manufacturer's laboratories.

Technical Specifications:

Aksa winter garden glass which consists of glass, steel and profile product in optimum benefit from the sunlight with high light transmittance and 0.5 W/M2K U value that can go up to maximum makes it possible to provide thermal insulation, acoustic insulation capable of providing if desired permeable insulating glass units with laminated with UV PVB natural products. Argon gas is also filled into the thermal insulation units consisting of tempered and laminated glass in the roof glazing of winter gardens.

  • It is used in all architectural applications that have been made suitable for indoor use.

Balcony Closing Glasses

About the product: The glass used in balcony closing systems acts as a barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment against the adverse conditions of climatic conditions, provides thermal insulation, facilitates cleaning, reduces noise. Tempered single glass or tempered glass insulation units can be used in balcony closing systems. In systems that use Tempered Glass, it is very important to keep the package thickness and the hump of the product within tolerances to have a healthy installation. Our suppliers produce at the most precise tolerances with state-of-the-art temper furnaces and fully automatic heating lines with presses. Our products are manufactured by TS EN 12150 and TS EN 1279 standards and are tested in manufacturer's laboratories

Technical Specifications:

Aksa conducts the tempering process for balcony closure glass by TS EN 12150-1 standard, upon request, after the tempering process, to prevent unexpected breakage due to NIS, by the TS EN 14179-1 standard, the thermal bath test ( Heat soak test). The running-in quality on the visible edges of the balcony closing glass is controlled according to TS EN 572-8. Humpback is an important factor to avoid problems after installation in balcony closure glass and Aksa, possible problems that may arise in technical issues related to installation,  with high-quality glass products that comply with advanced craftsmanship and project measurement criteria.

  • It can be used especially on balconies and terraces of residential buildings, hotels, and commercial enterprises.

Wall Cladding Glasses

About the product: Preferred for visual beauty and ease of cleaning, wall cladding glass offer performance-based advantages such as protection, closure, insulation, and durability, as well as aesthetic and hygiene advantages in interior spaces. Undesirable areas (concrete, plumbing, plaster, etc.)  Enamel painted tempered glass is used to cover it. Our products are produced according to TS EN 12150 standard and Aksa  In its laboratories  is being tested.

Technical Specifications:

With Şişecam Ultra Clear glass, which our suppliers have used in the production of enamel-printed tempered glass for wall covering glass, colors look much more vivid. Aksa offers temper  semi tempering process according to TS EN 1863-1. After the tempering process, the impact strength of the glass has increased 5 times more than the flat glass. Heat soak test on tempered glass according to TS EN 14179-1 is a destructive test that eliminates the risk of unexpected tempered glass explosions. After the semi-temper process, the impact resistance of the glass is 2 times higher than that of flat glass, There is no risk of unexpected breakage due to .

  • House
  • Kitchen Countertop
  • Office
  • Shop
  • Hotel
  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Museum
  • Glass Panel Coating in Shopping Centers

Digital Printed Glasses

About the product: Digital Printed glass produced by special printing machines with very high resolution printing on glass is used for interior decoration purposes

Technical Specifications:

  • Pines for Kitchen Countertops
  • Patterned / Glass Wall Covering
  • Facade Glass

Decoration Glasses

About the product: Glass, with its unique appearance, is a very important architectural decoration element that contributes to visual and structural integrity and combines aesthetics and style with ambiance. Products used for decoration purposes are acid etched decorative glasses, satina glass, frosted glass, enamel printed glass, painted glass, colored and colorless mirrors, colored glass. Decoration glass can be produced as tempered or laminated according to safety and security needs.

Technical Specifications:

The production of frosted glass is based on the principle that after the molten glass reaches the appropriate temperature and viscosity value in the furnace, it is flowed out of the furnace and passed between two metal rollers, and the desired thickness and pattern is gained during this process. Frosted glass produced by pouring glass melt between two rollers, one of which is patterned, is produced as solar energy glass with low iron raw material, as well as for decorative purposes, and provides input to the solar energy systems (solar panels and solar collectors) sector. The depth and texture of the patterns determine the light and image transmittance of the frosted glass. The frosted glass that does not contain any secondary processes are completely natural and environmentally friendly with their raw materials and production technique:


    They are used by preferences in homes, workplaces, hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, indoor and outdoor spaces, briefly in all places that need decoration.