About Us

About Us

Aksa Kompozit is a company that has been operating in İzmir since 2012. Exporting to many countries with the projects it carries out abroad, Aksa Composite continues to do business in many cities of Turkey.

We always aim to meet the expectations of our customers with our materials manufactured by many national and international standards. The qualifications of our material suppliers and solution partners who support us in this goal are also very important.

Aksa Composite can supply all types of architectural glass and joinery used in the construction industry, especially in flat glass, Insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and Low-E glass, as well as aluminum and PVC joinery systems.

With our management approach blended with years of experience, we have created a development-oriented, competent, skillful, and world-class workforce, each of whom has been trained according to high production standards.

Why AksaKompozit?

As Aksa Kompozit, which has been involved in many projects since 2012, we stand behind every domestic and international project we have done in the past and provide all kinds of support. We are always with you with our solution partners and employees in every problem that is covered by the warranty we give.

Vision and Mission

The goal of Aksa Kompozit is to expand its borders by showing itself in the international market by participating in regional and international projects. We are progressing and growing towards this goal.

Our Standards:
Our responsibilities to our customers and colleagues.
To provide the closest service to perfection while following our work.
Honest trade.
Always aiming to develop and grow.